Honouring the seasons means treasuring the present.
It’s accepting what nature has to offer, without pushing it.
It’s choosing farm-to-table products.
A seasonal menu is a daring bet.
Come rain or shine,
We have no power over the harvest.
We might sometimes run dry on a few ingredients, but you
will never run out of new dishes to try, from one season to
the next.
Bon appétit!


  • Croissant Rs 25
  • Pain au chocolat Rs 25
  • Pain au raisin Rs 25
  • Petit Parigot Rs 120

    Slice of toasted bread and mini croissants, served with homemade jam

  • Oeufs d'Béné Rs 120

    Two eggs, Hollandaise sauce and raw vegetable salad

  • Omelette mari complète Rs 190

    Three eggs omelette with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, parsley and cheese, served with toasted bread

  • Pain perdu mais retrouvé Rs 150

    Served with honey and icing sugar


  • LaLoCal (v) Rs 280

    Salad with local and fresh ingredients: lady fingers, aubergine, moringa leafs, mauritian tomato chutney

  • La Charles (v) Rs 390

    Quinoa, bulgur and herbs, topped with goat cheese, grilled almonds, poached pear and banana chips

  • LaTino Rossi (v) Rs 370

    Mediterranean style salad, rocket, tomato, cucumber, grilled veges, olives and pecorino cheese

  • La Trois Fromages (v) Rs 390

    Pecorino, caciocavallo, goat cheese, grilled veges, caramelised pineapple and nuts


  • Grilled chicken Rs 150
  • Grilled fish Rs 150
  • Bacon Rs 150
  • Potato fries (v) Rs 150

Our Dishes

  • Pwason Coco Rs 480

    Braised fish fillet in coconut milk, lime and eucalyptus honey, grilled lady finger, served with rice

  • Tagliatelles pesto (v) Rs 220

    Homemade pesto sauce, cooking cream, pecorino cheese

  • Manze Lakaz Rs 300

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