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Welcome to Zakadi, your destination for simple and delicious cuisine that brings people together. At Zakadi, we believe that fresh, local, and high-quality ingredients are essential for tasty and healthy food. That’s why we are committed to using local and seasonal products in our dishes, especially our free-range, organic chicken.

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Special Selection

  • Hot drumstick Rs 280

    Tomato salsa with melted cheese

  • Danse de Velours Rs 370

    Cream of palm soup and marlin salsa

  • G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) (v) Rs 290

    Baguette with crispy vegetables and goat cheese

  • La Bonne Farce Rs 550

    Chicken curry ballotine, cassava kat kat and green beans, coconut milk sauce

  • Poisson dan so fey Rs 325

    Steamed fresh fish served on banana leaf, coconut milk chouchou, coconut satini, basmati rice with thyme

  • Ayo Papayo Rs 220

    Moelleux au chocolat au coeur coulant de papaye et glace à la vanille

Our Experience

Cuisine Fusion

Un brassage entre traditions et courants internationaux.


Un espace convivial et fun pour profiter des meilleurs moments en famille, entre amis ou avec les collègues.


Cocktails, vins, whisky, rhum...l'adresse idéale pour un petit verre après une dure journée.


Faites profiter vos convives de notre savoir-faire et de notre cuisine fusion lors de vos évènements de vie.

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