Honouring the seasons means treasuring the present.

It’s accepting what nature has to offer, without pushing it.

It’s choosing farm-to-table products.

A seasonal menu is a daring bet.

Come rain or shine,

We have no power over the harvest.

We might sometimes run dry on a few ingredients, but you
will never run out of new dishes to try, from one season to
the next.

Bon appétit !

Gajak & Starters

  • Nachos de fruit à pain (v) Rs 280

    Bread fruit nachos with a tomato salsa and cheese

  • Chips, chips, chips (v) Rs 190

    Chips trio - Sweet potato, green banana, cassava, seasonal chutney

  • Crispy calamari Rs 290

    Calamari with hints of curry leaves & pomegranate tartar sauce

  • Cutie Pies Rs 260

    Classic roasted venison & caramelised onions Dry beef curry Char siu pork

  • Hot drumstick Rs 350

    Spicy chicken drumsticks, cucumber and mint raita

  • Dips to share Rs 390

    Chicken liver mousse with hibiscus purées Smoked marlin spread Butternut and gorgonzola crumble

  • Knock-Knock (v) Rs 260

    Sweet potato gnocchi with parmesan sauce

  • Minuit Rs 290

    Island style tuna tartar, watercress salad (from the fisherman catch of the day)

  • Danse de Velours Rs 370

    Cream of palm soup and marlin salsa

  • Pincez-moi Rs 250

    Crab soup with bird's eye chili

  • Leonardo di Carpaccio Rs 370

    Carpaccio with Bel Ombre venison or Aussie beef, condiments

  • Ti couto coup gro ziromon Rs 370

    Ravioli-shaped pumpkin, filled with chicken liver mousse, watercress sauce vegan option available

Main Course


  • G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) (v) Rs 290

    Baguette with crunchy veggies and goat cheese

  • Kebab Falafel (v) Rs 290

    Gâteaux piment wrap with hummus, house fries of your choice

  • Burger Zak (v) Rs 320

    Vegan jackfruit burger, BBQ sauce, fries of your choice

  • Char Siu Rs 330

    Chicken char siu wrap, house fries of your choice

  • Coin Coin Rs 350

    Baguette with duck and brie, homemade sundried tomatoes, lettuce and rocket

  • Oh my Deer! Rs 520

    Venison burger, pickled gherkin, homemade aioli, crystalised papaya, house fries of your choice

  • Manze lakaz Rs 300

    Mauritian dish of the day


  • Formaggi (v) Rs 320

    Lettuce, Roches Noires cheese trio (pecorino, caciocavallo, cacioricotta), pecan nut, grilled vegetables and caramelised pineapple

  • Salade de Charles (v) Rs 390

    Lettuce, quinoa, bulgur, pomegranate, goat cheese, confit pear, almonds, banana chips

  • Butternut & Bleu (v) Rs 320

    Lettuce, butternut and sesame, watercress, rocket, blue cheese

  • Bel Ombre Rs 450

    Lettuce, wild boar rillettes, mandarins, roasted sweet potato, confit okra and nuts

  • Zourite Gato Pima Rs 320

    Octopus and gâteaux piment, lettuce


  • Risotto d'ici et d'ailleurs (v) Rs 390

    Button mushrooms & Laferm Coco oyster mushrooms risotto, wild rocket from Roches Noires

  • Bruxelles arrive Rs 680

    Mussels and house fries of your choice

  • Poisson dan so fey Rs 420

    Fresh fish steamed in banana leaf, christophine in cononut milk, coconut chutney, basmati rice with thyme

  • La Bonne Farce Rs 550

    Chicken ballotine with curry, cassava stew, green beans, coconut milk sauce

  • Ducks Featuring Rs 750

    Duck à l'orange, cottage pie, duck breast, cherry guava sauce

  • De long en large Rs 990

    Bel Ombre venison filet, taro purée, sauteed vegetables and blackcurrant sauce

  • Ze Filet Rs 990

    Aussie beef filet, bread fruit, green salad, sauce of your choice

Side dish

  • Potato fries Rs 110
  • Sweet potato fries Rs 110
  • Cassava stew Rs 110
  • Bread fruit gratin Rs 130
  • Green salad Rs 110
  • Taro purée Rs 130

For the Kids

  • VeggieTales in the House (v) Rs 160

    Seasonal vegetables

  • Poisson d’Avril Rs 180

    Fish filet grilled or pan fried, choice of rice or fries

  • Chicken Run Rs 180

    Chicken breast, grilled or pan fried, choice of rice or fries

  • Ferdinand Rs 240

    Beef or venison mini wrap, choice of rice or fries


  • Olaf Rs 95

    A scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate or hibiscus coulis

  • Ba ba ba ba ba na na Rs 95

    Oven baked banana filled with chocolate chunks


  • Cheeeeeeeese! Rs 220

    Cheesecake with salted butter caramel

  • Duo de Choc Rs 250

    Dark and milk chocolate mousse duo

  • Churros lokal Rs 170

    Banana churros with chocolate

  • Za Na Na Rs 190

    Pineapple flavored shaved-ice, tamarind and pineapple salad, pineapple sponge cake

  • Ayo Papayo Rs 220

    Chocolate sponge cake filled with papaya coulis, vanilla ice cream

  • Sa Gou La Rs 190

    Tapioca, vanilla ice cream, appalam

  • Tomber en miettes Rs 280

    Hibiscus crumble with vanilla ice cream


  • Banane Choco Rs 150
  • Amande intense Rs 175
  • Roselle and vanilla Rs 175
  • Vanilla Rs 130